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Product PR

What makes us reach for a certain product – desire, fashion, need? We are driven by emotions influenced by mass media, friends, online rankings, fast fashion, and curiosity.

Product PR is a powerful tool to support marketing campaigns, and often even replace them. Plus, PR activities are comparatively less expensive than advertising.

Communication through the media and the internet helps to reinforce and prolong the effects of advertising, thanks to which, instead of merely attacking clients with a product, you can engage them by relating your product to their interests, ignite their emotions, and captivate them with engaging actions.

You have to construct stories and events around a product – stories that take the focus off of the coffee brand itself, and instead involve the audience in the stories of people immersed in the magical experience of brewing it. Stories that involve the audience in helping others. Stories you want to fall asleep to, that inspire you when you wake up in the morning to go shopping.

What is your story?