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Crisis Communication

“… In every crisis, there is an opportunity…” These words by Eckhart Tolle reflect the philosophy of our approach to managing an image crisis. The quintessence of crisis management is protecting the client’s reputation. The most important goal of our activities is to minimize image loss first. The next step is to rebuild the image and the trust of the Client’s partners.

We also understand that a crisis is a good time to implement changes. Identifying the causes of a crisis allows them to be eliminated and to better prepare for possible future emergencies. Such activities strengthen the organization both internally and externally. We advise and co-create crisis procedures with the client, which we call their “Crisis Book”.

We approach crises holistically, rather than focusing on only one aspect. This is the only approach that enables the effective coordination of internal activities and the conduct of structured relations with the media, customers, partners, and decision-makers.