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As early as the planning stage of PR activities with our clients, we determine the form and schedule of checkpoints, which will allow us to continuously ensure that activities are meeting our clients’ needs. We make continuous evaluations throughout the entire project – not just at the end! At every checkpoint, we analyze the specific [...]

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Mobile project management

We treat every action like a project with its own scope, time frame, and budget. That is why we like to work with clients using online management platforms such as Asana and Trello. These allow the client to always be aware of the status of individual tasks and actively work with us on each item.

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We continuously evaluate using fast questionnaires. Both the client and agency fill them in – and this lets both sides take quick action.

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Checkpoint method

We use a 4-point methodology that guarantees our actions are in continuous compliance with the needs of our client - regardless of the duration of the project or its complexity.

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Clear, tangible focus

We learn about the goals, problems, and challenges of everyday life. We analyze press releases, marketing effects, and key business decisions. We take all of these together to propose solutions that reflect both short- and long-term customer needs.

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